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May 14, 2012

"Editing a campaign ad to distort the meaning behind an opponent's comments
is not just wrong, it's ridiculous. Pants on Fire!"

PATERSON, N.J. - Following the denunciation by Star-Ledger's Politifact of Steve Rothman's latest television ad as false, Pascrell campaign manager Justin Myers today demanded that Rothman immediately stop running his latest dishonest, negative ad. The latest absurd charge to be labeled false by Politifact is that Pascrell is in favor of Republican tax cuts for the wealthy.

PolitifactNJ's rating for the Rothman negative attack, (, earned the following statement and rating: Editing a political ad to distort the meaning behind an opponent's comments is not just wrong, it's ridiculous. Pants on Fire!

"While some Democrats are scared to fight the Tea Party, Bill Pascrell is always ready to stand up and fight for the middle class," said Myers. "When Steve Rothman had a chance to support President Obama by fighting against a Tea Party Conservative, he ran instead, and no amount of false advertising will change that fact. Steve Rothman's most recent claim is simply the latest in a series of false, negative attacks and reflects the desperate nature of his campaign as we get closer to election day, June 5. Steve Rothman should abandon his negative, dishonest attacks and immediately stop running his latest false ad."

Previously, Politifact told Rothman his claim that Pascrell "voted to remove the public option from the Affordable Health Care Act" was false. Rothman continued to run a web ad with the claim. Politifact also told Rothman that his claim Pascrell "voted to eliminate all estate taxes for billionaires" was false. Rothman continues to make the claim. Herb Jackson of the Bergen Record also pointed out that Steve Rothman claimed two years ago he didn't want to make millionaires pay their fair share even though he is now trying to convince everyone he's been leading the fight. Steve Rothman also claims Bill Pascrell is bad on issues effecting Israel, even though he wrote a letter endorsing him on those very same issues less than two years ago.

"Steve Rothman is running a dishonest, negative campaign against Bill Pascrell because the only thing that matters to him is winning an election," said Myers. "While Steve Rothman continues to be reprimanded by newspapers throughout the state for making false claims, Democratic voters across north Jersey are coming to the same conclusion, Bill Pascrell will always stand up to the Tea Party and fight for middle class taxpayers. Bill Clinton said it best when he endorsed, Bill Pascrell is the fighter we need to support President Obama."

Previous Politifactnj analysis of false Rothman claims include:
Accuses Pascrell of "voting to eliminate estate taxes"
Accuses Pascrell of "voting to remove public option form the Affordable Health Care Act"